When in Rome, do as the Romans do…

Well, I am sure there has to be at least one Roman citizen sitting in a room feeling so depressed they can’t leave it.

I’ve spent the last 3 nights staying at Sorrento, the night before that in Napoli. Flashes of this depression have surfaced over the last few days, but I am in tears now, I have to wash clothes as I can’t afford to buy more, but I cannot bring myself to walk to the Laundromat around the corner, even though I know it passes a few lovely restaurants, and I am craving a creamy pasta dish…

I want to go home, but right now, I don’t have one. I think that’s why I am feeling like this. I need a base. I feel like I need a partner so I don’t feel lonely.

And that may have been solved, sort of. On my first weekend in England, I met a lovely, kind, definitely not typical English lad. He’s 8 years my junior, but we’ve kept in touch everyday, and we’re meeting up in London on July 2. He’s never been there before, so I get to show him around.

My mood has lifted a tad since first opening the browser to write this. Partly because D (aforementioned you lad) messaged me. And partly because I got a lovely message from my ex S’s mum on facebook. She’s really a lovely lady and I am grateful that she sent it when she did- and emailed her to let her know how timely it was. How on earth did people travel before the internet was invented?

Now if only my own mum would join facebook so she can get these instant updates too!! Then we can work on getting my grandparents on it…

I’ve googlemapped the hostel and it turns out I am not far from the Collesum, I just can’t see it- I am going to check it out tomorrow.

And I might just head out to get clean clothes and some pasta now.


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