Going to a Town

Yes, so on June 5, I am leaving San FranBrisco for the UK. I have a two year working visa, but firstly I will backpack around Europe for about 5 weeks. Then it’s back to London to find a job, and discover many exciting things about the place.

But first there’s 30 years of life to pack up and stick in boxes. Or shed.

Tonight’s the farewell party. I am already dreading it- I have an awful pain in my stomach which can only be anxiety manifesting itself physically.

I will deal with this, and impending rapture, by drinking vodka. Or maybe gin.

Meanwhile, I need to specify why I am leaving a life behind, to try and find a better one for myself on the other side of the world.

I am going, because I haven’t been overseas before.
I am going, to get away from the almost constant thoughts and memories of a certain person.
I am going, to experience different cultures.
I am going, to do something different.
I am going to find a life partner.
I am going, to broarden my mind.

I need to get away from his manipulation.


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