Better Times

My how things turn around. Yes I still have depression and yes I am still on medication. I have finally come to terms with why I was treated awfully (some of it my fault, lots NOT my fault), and barely talk to any of my previous group of friends.

I always said I was more comfortable one on one with people, rather than in groups. Especially a group who specialised in looking down their noses at you.

I realised that I do have good friends, who I don’t need to see or speak to daily. I no longer have a best friend, or a group I am always with. Those of you who read my first blog would remember how I was a social butterfly, always doing something with one of my numerous friends…

Now, I no longer pretend to be an extrovert. I acknowledge the introvert I am and embrace it. I’ve watched so many series of TV shows. Read books, played scrabble with my Mum, gone to the beach by myself. And I would hate to count the hours of internet surfed…

But I’ve found the real me. I’ve discovered being happy isn’t being surrounded by false people who aren’t nice to you. Glee has helped, as has my wonderful psychologist, as has understanding the Emotional Deprivation Schema…

Good friends are those you don’t see in months, years even, but they are always kind and have a nice word to say.


One Response to Better Times

  1. Enny says:

    Glad to see you’re back and feeling well :o)

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