Little Lion Man

I’ve loved the Hottest 100 ever since my high schoool boyfriend introduced me to JJJ in 1996, and on Australia Day 1997, we sat in his room, listening to some sort of giant radio thing that everyone had in the 90’s, with our exercise book and trusty bic, writing down all the songs from 100 to 1.

Ahh, days without the internet being so popular, kids these days do not know HOW lucky they have it with a real time countdown happening on the website, on twitter, probably on facebook (I’m still deactivated so I didn’t see).

Anyways, I digress.

This Australia Day just gone was the most unAustralian one I’ve had. I’m normally the one making the damper and pavlova, buying the lamingtons and making vegemite sandwiches.

On Tuesday I awoke at 11am from a hangover, having unknowingly consumed half a bottle of my flatmate’s gin. JJJ went straight on and I was happy to hear a few of the songs I voted for.

I wore my OZ Day Tshirt purchased from Supre last year, an Aussie Cricket cap, bought from a One Dayer at the Gabba about 4 or 5 years ago, and draped the table with a cheap nylon flag bought eons ago from a $2 shop.

And sat down on the front veranda with my stereo and listened to it alone. After a while a friend came over and we had a few beers. He left and I continued to listen to it alone. Just before the top 20, I returned the stereo to my room and sat upon my bed, by myself, listening to the rest.

I’m older, a little bit wiser and a hell of a lot lonlier.


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