I should let them all go, but I can’t.

I’m someone who doesn’t hold a grudge.  Maggie told me that, way back when I was 15. I’ve tried over the years and failed mostly.  I shall believe in my convictions, not be talked out of them by those more powerful than me at the art of debating.

My back and neck are cracking from the exercise. Second day in. I don’t do much at a time but together it’s more than what’s been done in the last Buddah knows how long.  My left calf muscle is tight, I can breathe clearer through my nose and my chest feels that feeling it hasn’t felt, in well, Buddah only knows that too.

It must continue like this, slowly increasing every one of the seven days in a week, so my mind can be as lucid as this all the time, and I can feel this Zen without having to actively try.

It is Friday night tomorrow and I wish for someone to play with. Scrabble, Scattegories, Rummy-O or Trivial Pursuit, that is!


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