Caught Out There

Yes, I hate you so much right now. This is the first listening, I’d say by the end of today, It’ll be up to at least 25.

I have to hate so it cancels out the love.

It also helps I’ve been screwed over (figuratively, not literally…) by 2 other. So it’s a total of 3 sets of testicles I’d like to have in a vice. Unfortunately all the crazy and the hate was only directed one of them.

I have one of my best friends coming over. I hope she has the time to just talk and drink for the rest of the night with me. It’s all I want to do write now (apart from listening to Kelis..)


3 Responses to Caught Out There

  1. Enny says:

    Can I also recommend BMFA by Martha Wainwright? It also strikes a chord… hope it went well last night.

  2. I do heart that song, but ever since I read that Martha wrote it about her father, I can’t listen to it without thinking about that 🙂

  3. Enny says:

    No no, she didn’t – she dedicated it to him one time when she performed it, not wrote it about it, nor sung it about him, if that makes sense?

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